How to Choose Books for Your Preschool Child

How to Choose Books for Your Preschool Child

How to choose books for your preschool child. [Music]
Hello, my name is Justine Smith and Im a preschool publisher, with a background in
creating and writing books for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.
Pre-schoolers really like looking at books which reflect their world and interests. Choose
books with plenty of detail they can linger over and talk about with you. Also with pre-schoolers,
its important to choose text that is memorable, easy for them to anticipate and repeat because
memory is a very important reading skill. Finally, with pre-schoolers pick books where
the word, the printed word, is closely connected to the image so books with word labels as
this helps your pre-schooler make an association between the printed word and its meaning and
that is a pre-reading skill.

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How to Choose Books for Your Preschool Child

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